Born where the waves are flat like pancakes, the call of the ocean was very strong since his youth.The first page of his life has been filled with multiple worlwilde surf / sup trip and an active life in the action sport industry.
When he turned 30’s, the second page of his life opened to new perspectives.

After passing through different areas where the waves were breaking regularly,  he stopped his professional carreer; meeting his wife crystallized the need of change and new challenges.

The decision was made: quit everything for Portugal, learn to become self-sufficient, give more care to mother-EARTH and make the most of what the ocean has to offer each day to acquire a wealth of knowledge in Stand Up Paddle.

With Sygma SUP school and his sustainable vision it is now time for him to take action! Doing his best to provide and develop the best eco friendly Stand Up Paddle experiences in the Algarve.



Fun & enthusiastic 29 years old outdoorsy girl. Half French half Dutch, she was born & raised in South-East of France in a region known for its green tourism and outdoor activities.

Thanks to her parents, Sandy practiced multiple sports such as hiking, mountain-biking, kayaking & horse-riding. Exploring nature makes her happy!

Over her youth, she assisted several tour guide during various sports activities.

This kick-ass adventurer has always been up for new experiences ! Later on, she moved to Biarritz to get closer to the Atlantic Ocean and get to know the one who will make her life bloom.

Throughout many travels (in addition to her partner’s passion to SUP Surf), her interest in watersports got bigger and surf became nowadays one of her main hobby.

Also, the desire to connect to earth and water elements was intense and moving to Portugal came to decision to embrace a new life project about living off-grid in the beautiful region of the western Algarve.

Since then, craving on water and shifting to a sustainable and ecologic lifestyle has become a motto.

Discover the Algarve by Stand Up Paddle and contribute to a better future is made possible by our enthousiast and expert team of instructors.

It is a great challenge for us to develop  the first finest ecofriendly Stand Up Paddle School in Portugal, while being the most dutiful to the environment.

We work on making this happen everyday, come and join Sygma SUP School to share our passion.

Our entire team is certified:

-Emergency First Response

-Water Rescue (ASI)

-Stand Up Paddle LEVEL 1 enclosed flat water (ASI)

-Stand up Paddle LEVEL 2 exposed waters (ASI)